About Ananatha Coating Solutions

We are glad to introduce ourselves as Indian Sub-continent's sole distributor for POR-15 products, manufacturing in USA. This revolutionary concept of anti-corrosive solution is major breakthrough in fighting against rust and protection from corrosion of Electrical masts, sub stations, Concrete Structures etc.,It can be effective to industrial, chemical and coastal pollution as well as smoke emission from industries and vehicles.

For over 37 years, POR-15Inc. has been leading producer of industrial, automotive and marine specialty coatings and expanded it sales in 52 countries around the world. POR-15's company philosophy is to create only best in class products that have measurably superior performance attributes that are true solutions in the most harsh and corrosive and erosion environments while providing highest level customer and technical support. Our POR-15 products have ASTM (American society for testing and materials) standards and affiliated to NACE (National association of corrosion engineers) international.

Our wide range of POR-15 Inc. products are